February 2, 2016

Every Day is a Non Zero Day

From now on, every day is going to be a Non Zero Day, and it's going to make your life wonderful.

What is a "Non Zero Day"? The term was coined by Redditor ryans01 in this popular post. You can follow that link to check out his wonderful advice, or continue reading for an overview of his wisdom. Essentially, each day you have to do something - take a walk, write a paragraph, etc. - that puts you closer to being the person you want to be, or achieving your goals and dreams. If you do at least one thing, then your day is a Non Zero Day. A Zero Day is a day when you do nothing to make your life better, and it is the worst thing that you could do for yourself if you want to have change in your life. And really, doing one thing isn't that hard. Hopefully, though, you'll grow the number of things you do from one until every day is so much more than a simple Non Zero Day.

Ryans01 has some other easy rules that you should follow:
  1. Non Zero Days are key
  2. Be grateful to yourself (the current you, the past you, and the future you) and do yourself favors.
  3. Forgive yourself and others
  4. Improve yourself mentally and physically (or "Exercise and Books", as he puts it)
Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well then, it's time to get started!


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