November 7, 2013

Magick and Diviniation

There is real and nonreal, this is both joyous and tragic,
Surpassing of both is the purpose of all creation.
When you alter them at will, it is magick,
When they speak to you, it is divination.

World of Smoke and Haze

As I walk through my wondrous garden,
I look out from behind my mask.
Here, I am my own warden,
Sadly drinking the last drops from my wine cask.

The garden, and everything beyond,
Is my world, is my creation.
All that is here, I have spawned,
The totality is my application.


I'm trapped in a maze,
This labyrinth, so twisting.
Like a pet craves praise,
For approval, thirsting.

I'm told where to turn,
When to run and to stop,
For freedom I yearn,
But I am just a prop.


What is your sin,
But a wisp in the wind?
An illusion,
Your soul becoming thinned.

Your ignorance,
Of the within, divine.
Is upon which you dine.

The Garden

A large, black crow flew over the landscape, surveying all below it. He was feeling pretty proud of himself, even without knowing why. He liked this place. He liked everything he saw. He couldn't remember how he got here, but that didn't really concern him. He was simply glad to be here.

It was when he saw the clearing, surrounded by a grove of trees and flowering bushes in a variety of hues, that he decided to stay. He glided down into the clearing and walked around. This would be his home.

The crow lived there, quite happily, but eventually he got lonely. That was when he decided he needed some companions. Perhaps some pets would be in order? The problem was, he didn't know where to find one. He sat there, on a branch, brooding but focused. He wanted to find a pet so badly! What could he do?! And in that moment, a powerful white stallion gently galloped into the clearing. The crow smiled at himself. Had he just done that?

A Worthwhile Journey

I've begun a journey, one that will take me far.
As I leave my home, here in the shadow of frozen mountains,
I spot a luminous pebble, white and blue,
A mixture of the snow around me and the sky above.
I place it in my pocket,
It will be my unseeing and silent guide.

I climb into the foothills at the base of the mountains,
The beginning of the journey is arduous.
I focus on the pebble,
As I lead it on this journey,
I also let it guide me.


The light from above cascades to ignite the flame.
The light from below surges to anchor the spirit.

They blend in a cosmic dance,
That bellows to the infinite
And whispers into oblivion.

It plunges us within,
So we may touch infinity.
It propels us to the universe,
So we may be cloaked deep inside.

The song of eternity shows us where we fit.
The droning of our soul reveals the truth.

How Long?

It pulses in the darkness,
and abandoned.

Deprived of air,
Denied love,
Despairing for life.

Yet it pulses on,
Embraced by the constricting void,
It bestows, but for how long?

The Dark Gate

The dark gate creaks open
A mere sliver
It has been lingering, unmoving
For eternities
The darkness oozes through
Glistening in the light
Dripping into my soul
Dripping, forever dripping
Never filling
May 14, 2013

Shadow Aspects

Over the last few days, I was led to the idea of discussing shadow aspects. These are aspects of our personality that we keep hidden, locked away in the attic reserved for insane people, much like the insane wife in Jane Eyre.

Shadow aspects are personality traits we have that we are most likely not even aware of. In fact, we most likely actively deny having these traits. We are firm believers that we are not that kind of person. Some of us try to suppress these and lock them away. Some of us project these traits onto other people. We see them all over, we judge them, we don't understand why people are like that, and we are quite happy to know that we aren't like that. We are wrong. We are projecting our shadow aspects to those around us.
February 13, 2013

Visualization in Meditation

On several occasions, I've been asked by my students exactly how to visualize something while meditating. This is an interesting question. As an example, let's take a very basic grounding meditation, one where the practitioner visualizes their taiji pole glowing a golden color. One question I've gotten in the past is, "From which perspective should we view the taiji pole?" Should it be viewed from above, from the position of your eyes? From outside of your body looking at yourself? From inside the taiji pole, looking outward (or upward, or downward)? This was a difficult question for me to answer at first, because I had trouble recalling the perspective from which I personally viewed my taiji pole.

Eventually the answer came to me, however. I don't view it localized from a single space. It is viewed from any and all possible angles, simultaneously. While doing the meditation, you exist in all place and view the object of your visualization from any angle you wish, any angle that is necessary at that moment.

But this goes further - you also do not view it from a particular point in time. If the visualization is something that changes in time (such as a light descending or rising), you view it from all times. Before it starts, while it progresses, after it is finished, or anything in between.

Keep in mind that this is not always appropriate to every single type of meditation. But for the most part, when meditating, time and space do not matter.
January 30, 2013

God and the Dao, Part II

A while ago, I wrote about the relationship between God and the Dao. It's been a while since I've revisited this topic, so I thought I would expound on it a little further. In the first part, I talked about how God related to the Dao, and how each were part of the other. That God and the Dao were in a sort of complementary balance - a yin/yang relationship. This, however, is merely one model which we can use to try and understand these concepts. There are other interpretations, because ultimately, we can't fully explain and describe either one. What we can do is constantly probe, dig, and analyze these concepts from multiple angles and perspectives.
January 29, 2013

Was Jesus a Taoist?

NOTE: This blog post was not written by me! This is from an old websites called "The Path of Tao Jia", which is no longer around. It was written by someone who went by the name "Disciple Dan". I'm reposting this here, because I think it is worth preserving so others can benefit from its wisdom.

Was Jesus a Taoist?

by Disciple Dan

Before beginning this article, let me say that I have been a follower of Jesus of Nazareth since I was thirteen years old. I was ordained as a minister in the Christian Religion in 1972, and have spent more than thirty years in service as a minister to that religion. I feel, therefore, that I have an established understanding of what Christianity teaches, and am able to speak candidly about that faith. Without the slightest hesitation, I can say that I love Jesus and deeply respect his teachings... but I am no longer a Christian.