The Planet

The river gushes
With emotion and power
Rushing through the veins of the planet.
It is beautiful at first:
Calm, peaceful - a true wonder.
But you should beware,
The turbulence will come
And if you can ride it
Than you shall be rewarded
But once it is done
You are left with the calm.

The grass dances
In the cool spring winds
Bringing the smells of life and enjoyment
A simple happiness is found
Laying amongst the green
And smiling at the sun.
These grassy hills will protect you
And be your very life
So for that reason it is wise,
To choose your hills wisely.

The earth lies
Below your very feet
A ground for you to walk on.
It is your foundation
The place where you learn to live
And where you should find stability.
However, even the earth changes
And may split apart
Or be empty of all nutrients.
When that happens
We simply walk on
And choose another ground to rest upon.

The metal vibrates
With life and energy.
It is your tool, it is what you make it.
You can fashion it in anyway you want
It will protect you, help you, and bring you joy.
It is the greatest tool you will ever need
And in it you will put your heart and soul
So you must have a good quality metal
That will not tarnish or rust
But instead be with you forever
Never breaking itself
And with it, your heart.

The fire burns
Everything it can reach
Lighting memories, vision, and thoughts up in flames.
It brings great pain
And with it, great passion.
With the fire, you can live
You can grow.
With the fire, you can burn
You can perish.
The fire will keep you warm
So long as you protect it.
Keep it lit and let it burn as it must
For the fire will transform you.

These things are your life,
Each serving a separate function.
These things are yours,
So long as you will keep them.
Protect them,
Cherish them,
Acknowledge their power,
And most of all,
Choose wisely.

by Lily Crane