November 7, 2013

World of Smoke and Haze

As I walk through my wondrous garden,
I look out from behind my mask.
Here, I am my own warden,
Sadly drinking the last drops from my wine cask.

The garden, and everything beyond,
Is my world, is my creation.
All that is here, I have spawned,
The totality is my application.

I lift to my lips, and take a bite.
From a sumptuous pomegranate.
Sense a new world, past twilight.
Another realm, perhaps another planet.

The other world is different and strange,
Not my garden, but a vast wold.
Instead of hills, a calm grange,
Is it real? Or is it all merely fool's gold?

This other world is blurred and hazy
Going there, by what I invoke,
Would I drive myself crazy?
Would my own world be revealed as merely smoke?

To move beyond both realms,
To rise above both planes,
The thought assaults my senses, overwhelms,
I'm trapped here, bound in my chains.

If I could, from all of this, escape,
If this illusion would only cease,
If my own reality I could shape,
Then I could, yet, find the ultimate peace.


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