November 7, 2013

A Worthwhile Journey

I've begun a journey, one that will take me far.
As I leave my home, here in the shadow of frozen mountains,
I spot a luminous pebble, white and blue,
A mixture of the snow around me and the sky above.
I place it in my pocket,
It will be my unseeing and silent guide.

I climb into the foothills at the base of the mountains,
The beginning of the journey is arduous.
I focus on the pebble,
As I lead it on this journey,
I also let it guide me.

Over the foothills, I come to a dark valley,
Submerged in fog and difficult to cross.
I backtrack and try alternate paths,
Until, at last, I find the way through.
I know of legends of a dragon hidden in this valley, slumbering.
Maybe one day I will return, to rouse the dragon.

As I climb out of the valley,
I see the geysers.
Shrouded in steam, I follow their ascent up the mountains.
As I climb higher and higher, it gets colder and colder.
Frozen ground all around me, sharp and protruding.
I grasp my pebble, and it is undeniably warm.

Cresting the mountains, I look into the horizon.
The wide sea beckons me, but it is far away.
With patience, I will reach it.
The sea pulls me on.

Following the mountain downward,
My footing becomes more firm.
I see the melting snow, trickling down beside me.
Trickling into streams, then into mighty rivers.

Not long after I started my descent, I am halted.
A vast scar in the land, a deadly gap, opposes me.
I bring forth my courage, and my strength,
And leap, not to make it across, for I am not that strong.
But have faith and the icy wind carries me across,
Gently placing me back on my path.
It seems the very forces of nature,
Are watching my journey.

In time I reach the sea, so wide, so deep.
I set sail across it, the pebble burning in my palm.
Withstanding the undulating waves, and the beating wind.
I arrive at the far shore.
Not looking back, I continue on,
Walking on the frozen earth.

I approach mountains of ice,
And arrive at their base.
I am home again, from whence I began.
I open my hand, and the hot pebble is all I have left,
For all else has been lost.
My shoes torn apart on the sharp rocks,
My cloak stolen by the wind,
And my walking stick, swallowed by the sea.

I am home, me and the pebble.
It is good to be back.
But perhaps tomorrow, I will start the journey anew.
For it was a worthwhile journey.


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